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Yoga During Pregnancy- Prenatal Yoga in Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

Yoga during pregnancy is very beneficial, till the time it is done under a professional guidance. Yoga during pregnancy helps to maintain breathing and relaxation required for the body in that beautiful period of a women life. If you are a part of regular yoga classes do not forget to inform your instructor that you are pregnant, so that required precautions can be taken from the day one. Pregnancy Yoga Classes in Sushant Lok, Gurgaon is best option for pregnant women.

Prenatal Yoga is always good for body and delivery if it is a non complicated pregnancy; it is always advisable that you should consult a professional instead of doing it by watching videos and reading articles. Prenatal yoga classes in Sushant Lok, Gurgaon develops stamina and strength, maintains balance of body, increase blood circulation, relieves tension of lower back, hips etc, and calms the nervous system.

Few recommended Prenatal Yoga asana are: (We advise to take the sessions under a professional guidance)

• Standing Mountain • Supported Triangle • Supported Squat • Cow (Cat/Cow Sequence) • Child's Pose (Cat/Cow Sequence) • Belly Breathing


Prenatal Yoga Classes in Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

If you are looking for Pregnancy Yoga in Sushant Lok, Gurgaon, you can find Nishi Bhardwaj yoga center by name of Rejuve Yoga Studio in Sushant Lok 1. She runs regular classes for Yoga during pregnancy in Sushant Lok, Gurgaon. She also conducts prenatal yoga classes in Sushant Lok 1, Sushant Lok 2, Sushant Lok 3, Sushant Lok 4, Gurgaon.

We have a wonderful program of teaching yoga during pregnancy, the practice benefits both the mother and the child, deep breathing exercises, stretching and relaxation gives an all-round workout to the body and mind, helping not only in a healthy pregnancy, but also a safe delivery. The yoga treated new born acquires yogic Sanskara of peacefulness, cooperation, cheerfulness, good health and energy. Come, try some yoga, and have a wonderful, peaceful and healthy pregnancy experience. Our program of 10 classes train you in the five principles of good exercise, proper breathing, effective relaxation, a healthy diet and positive thinking and meditation.Thereafter you can practice on your own, or come to the center and attend our regular open classes.

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